🌐Bittensor Subnet

Explore Bittensor with the help of LinkTAO

LinkTAO extends its offerings to include access to the Bittensor subnet, providing users and products with high computing power to build innovative solutions on Bittensor. The Bittensor subnet is comprised of a discrete number of unique identifiers (UIDs), each associated with subnet validators and miners. These UIDs are linked to unique hotkeys, which are in turn connected to coldkeys used during registration. The Yuma Consensus protocol operates on these UIDs, ensuring a robust and decentralized network. LinkTAO facilitates access to the Bittensor subnet, empowering users and products with the computational resources needed to develop and deploy cutting-edge solutions on the Bittensor network. Whether it's building decentralized applications, implementing machine learning models, or conducting data analysis tasks, LinkTAO provides the infrastructure and support necessary to leverage the full potential of the Bittensor subnet for transformative innovation and growth.

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